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Resolution Draft 2012

The voting on this draft will take place from 6 September to 13 September 2012. Voting will be open for all registered participants in that period.

In the 13th Agenda 21 NOW! internet conference the participants discussed the topic of social change in the 21st century including its causes and its consequences. Concerning the theme Revolution - Evolution - Change - Transitions in the 21st century's societies they came to the following results:

The shifting of morals and values should not be seen as an entirely positive or negative development, since changing ethical views have always been part of our societies' evolution. The latter includes discussions about the development and acceptance of different family structures.
The participants criticise that prejudices and discrimination are still problems in today's societies, although nowadays people are more attentive concerning the subject of intolerance towards minorities.
Many students claim that religious beliefs shouldn't be taught at school. Instead, lessons about different religious groups should be offered as part of a general education.

Most participants agree that technological progress has many benefits, since new inventions can simplify and enhance communication, research, education etc. Nevertheless, there are also dangers to it, although they do not seem to be as apparent as the advantages.

The majority of the participants considers the basic idea of direct democracy as a fair concept, although its realisation seems rather utopian.
In general more participation in political decisions and more political influence is desirable for most participants. A problem that is seen in this context is the political and social influence of mass media on different social classes.
The manipulation of politics through money, especially corruption, is strictly condemned by the participants. However, there is no agreement on whether there can be a general verdict on politicians' trustworthiness.

The participants' discussions about current laws show the necessity to continuously evaluate legislation to determine its suitability for today.

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