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Against the War in Iraq

by Julia Trefzer, Christine Ullmer and Anne-Kathrin Kleinmann, class 12, students of Comprehensive School Kandel, Germany, March 2003

Why do we reject a war against the Iraq?

  • The slump of the Iraqi regime is the exclusive task of the Iraqi people
  • A military strike against the Iraq is not a fight against terrorism but the USA to gain the overall power over Iraq because of the geopolitical situation and the oil resources as well as the control of the future development.
  • The war means the destruction of the Iraqi economy, industry and the entire infrastructure.
  • War against terror must not become normal! We think: War is no means against terror - war is terror!
  • As a result of the current war new military alliances – under the leadership of the U.S. (with e.g. Turkey, Israel and other countries of the Middle East) - could emerge.
  • As in every other war the interests of the peoples are being ignored. Essential human rights such as the right to live and human dignity are being seriously violated.
  • In the first Gulf War (Iraq vs. Iran 1980-1988) more than 1.25 million people were killed – is that number of the dead people not enough?
  • The number of war victims is increasing every day – innocent people are being killed, especially the already extremly high rate of dying children will notably increase due to insufficient supply with medication and food.
  • The U.N. Security Council assessed that since the beginning of the inspections on the 27 November 2002 there was progress in the disclosure and destruction of forbidden weapon systems as well as the attitude of forbidden armament programs.
  • Anyone who leads war against Iraq pours oil into the fire of the international terrorism. The escalation danger is uncontrollable.
  • The estimated costs of this war – 50 to 200 billion U.S. Dollars – would be a perfect aid for the suffering Iraqi people and an extremely good investment into peace of that area.
  • There could be a mass exodus out of Iraq as a result of this war. Refugees are not welcome in Jordan and Turkey.

Attempts towards the implementation of peace

  • The import and export embargo should be cancelled so that the Iraqi people can be equipped again with foods and medication and aid from other countries.
  • A further attempt towards peace implementation is the paralyzing of the membership of the Iraq in the U.N. and the Arab League as well as in other international organisations.
  • Moreover all relationships between Iraq and any other country or international organisations should be reduced to a minimum.
  • If there is an accusation list against Saddam Hussein and all other leaders of the regime, they should then be treated as war criminals at the International Court in Den Haag. These people should be arrested as soon as they leave Iraq.
  • Moreover the U.N. resolution number 688 should be accepted since it demands the attitude of terror and the protection of the human rights in Iraq.
  • Reinstallation of Hans Blix’ weapons control regime in Iraq.
  • No weapons deliveries to Iraq or neighbouring countries.

Here you can vote against the war

Images of the war in Iraq from MSNBC

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