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Prejudices against the world -

the world against prejudices

Prejudices are often a result of cultural borders and language borders, of borders in our heads.

There are 193 independent countries in the world, about 5,000 spoken languages (half of them are said to die out within the next decades), an uncounted number of cultures. Europe, where the coordination of this project is located, is a continent of many different countries, languages and cultures. And therefore, it is also a continent of prejudices.

We assume it is the same on all continents. Right? Or not? This is something we would like to find out more about during our conference.

Moreover, in our conference we would like to work with these prejudices.

We would like to name them, talk about them, discuss them, develop a strategy how to deal with prejudices, if possible. Help us working on this during the preparatory period from 10 February, 2014, until the end of the conference on 10 April, 24:00 UTC!

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