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Connecting students - green dots on the map indicate countries with registered participants at one of our last conferences.

Welcome to

Agenda 21 NOW!

- a global Internet conference for students
aged 14+.

The conference 2014 took place on

10 April, 2014

00:00 to 24:00 UTC


Prejudices against the world -

the world against prejudices


The conference is over. See you again next year, if you wish.

Thank you all for a wonderful conference 2014!

Read the brief description of our current campaign!

For all those who would like to get to know more:
Here is a background article about the project.

Download and print the new Agenda 21 NOW! poster 2014 here.

Agenda 21 NOW! is a 24-hour global Internet conference for students aged 14+, with participants from five continents.

Agenda 21 NOW! is a pilot project of
UNESCO's ASPnet Germany

initiated and powered by

Humboldt-Gymnasium Trier


Kurt-Tucholsky-School Flensburg,

both in Germany, with support from

The Baltic Sea Project

and the

German National Commission for UNESCO Bonn, Germany

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E-mail to webmaster: webmaster@agenda21now.org

The Agenda 21 NOW! Conference is over.
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