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20 January, 2016: The campaign for the conference 2016 has begun. We are really glad to announce our seventeenth conference in a row. Registration and interactive pages will be ready for everyone within a week from today, i.e. on 27 January.

5 February, 2015: The registration period has begun. As a registered user, you may also edit our interactive pages. Take part in preparing Agenda 21 NOW! 2015! Upload your own material and edit what others have written there!

18 January, 2015: The topic of this year's conference has now been decided. Therefore, this year's campaign is on its way now. Registration for the conference 2015 will be possible from 5 February, 2015. From then on our interactive pages will be open, too. Everyone can read our active pages, registered users may also edit them and upload their own contributions.

Update: 20 January, 2016

Former News ...

6 February, 2014: Registration for the conference 2014 will be possible from Monday, 10 February. From then on our interactive pages will be open. Everyone can read our active pages, registered users may also edit them and upload their own contributions. Take part in preparing Agenda 21 NOW! 2014!

24 January, 2014: The campaign 2014 has begun. Date and theme have been decided on, the website is in its updating process. Registration launch scheduled 10 February, 2014.

5 March, 2013: Launch of the registration for the next conference has been set to 12 March, 2013. The website is being updated.

26 February, 2013: A new Agenda 21 NOW! team in Flensburg, cooperating with the team in Trier, has been founded.

December 2012: The team decides about the topic of our next conference: Poverty.

22 March, 2012: We run a very successful 24-hour conference on Revolution - Evolution - Change.

26 January, 2012: The registration period for the 2012 period has begun.

4-6 January, 2012: The conference website is being updated for the 2012 conference.

20 May, 2011: The registered participants adopt the resolution 2011.

25 April, 2011: The Agenda 21 NOW! conference 2011 - the twelfth conference since the year 2000 - is over.

25 January, 2011: The website has been updated for the 2011 conference.

14 January, 2011: The team has decided the topic for the 12th conference: Human Diversity - Challenges and Chances. Discussing issues of cultural, political and religious diversity on various levels.

7 May, 2010: Yesterday the participants adopted the resolution 2010.

29 April, 2010: The 11th conference takes place today.

15 February, 2010: The 2010 poster is online. Download it here.

31 January, 2010: Signup and interactive pages are ready to use.

20 January, 2010: Signup for the next conference starts on 1 February, 2010.

17 December, 2009: The Agenda 21 NOW! team in Trier decides on the theme of the next conference:

Sustainable Global Warming! Really?

... hoping that this provocation will be attractive for old and new participants to join the next conference.

26 April, 2009: The tenth conference successfully took place on Thursday, 23 April, 2009. The resolution draft can be voted on from Monday, 4 May, 2009, 17:00 UTC.Update 4 May, 2009: The voting period has been postponed to Wednesday, 6 May, 17:00 UTC until Thursday, 7 May, 17:00 UTC.

1 April, 2009: Hindenburg-Gymnasium in Trier has got a new name: We are now Humboldt-Gymnasium Trier.

21 January, 2009: Signup for the 2009 conference starts on 27 January, 2009.

27 November, 2008: The 2009 theme is: Education is Future - What is the Future of Education?

6 August, 2008: The report of the 2008 conference is available.

1 June, 2008: The resolution was adopted by the registered participants. 96 percent of the voters said yes. The turnout was 17 percent of the active participants.

9 May, 2008: The conference 2008 is over. A resolution draft has been created.

8 May, 2008: The conference is open.

20 February, 2008: The 2008 registration period has started.
Sign up today! The Interactive Pages are online.

6 February, 2008: The 2008 registration form is scheduled for 18 February, 2008.

26 November, 2007: The theme for the next conference - the ninth conference - has been decided: Transport and Communication - Developing the 21st Century.

12 September, 2007: The Agenda 21 NOW! team has decided that the next - the ninth - Agenda 21 NOW! conference will be on Thursday, 8 May, 2008, 00:00 to 24:00 h UTC.

3 July, 2007: The 2007 report is online. Read the report

Mid 2007: A decision about Agenda 21 NOW! 2008 will be made by the Agenda 21 NOW! team.

June 2007: A report on Agenda 21 NOW! 2007 will be published.

26 May, 2007, 7:00 UTC: The Conference after the Conference is over.

15 May, 2007, 18:30 UTC: The Conference after the Conference opens.

9 May, 2007, 24:00 UTC: The Agenda 21 NOW! conference 2007 has successfully taken place.

10 April, 2007: Conference room decisions have been scheduled for Wednesday, 25 April, 2007

1 March, 2007: Agenda 21 NOW! Interactive launched on 1 March, 2007.

19 February, 2007: The registration form is online. Please sign up for the next conference on our Join page.

20 January, 2007: The theme for the 2007 conference is published on http://www.agenda21now.org

17 January, 2007: The Agenda 21 NOW! team in Trier decides on the 2007 theme.

November 2006: A server is available now for the 2007 conference.

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