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Aid Organisations

by Yannick Huber and Dominik Huber, students of class 12, Comprehensive School Kandel, Germany, March 2003.

In the neighbouring countries of Iraq the aid organisations are prepared for the supply of 100,000 refugees who come from the war zone. The UNHCR state that in the meantime they have transported the most important goods like bankets, tents and kerosene cookers for more than 300,000 people in the neighbouring countries.

Soon aid goods should supply 600.000 refugees in Jordan, Iran, Turkey and in other neighbouring nations.

Neighbouring countries are closing the borders

- Aid Organisations who expect about one million refugees appeal to the country nations
- Aid Organisations do their best to provide board and lodgings, water and medicaments to the 30,000 frightened refugees at the Iraqi border (near the south-east of Turkey).
- The Iran has closed the borders to the North-Iraqi Kurd areas. The Iraqi-Jordanian frontier, however, was open. There the German 'Welthungerhilfe' looked after refugees.
- Already more than 40,000 people have escaped across the open border to Syria. The 'Caritas Federation' supplies the people in the refugee camp with food, clothes, blankets and medicaments.
- The International Red Cross prepare themselves for a temporary taking up of approx. 1 million refugees. The aid organisations in Iran, Turkey, Syria and Jordan raise that every country is in the position to take 250,000 people.
- The Organisation of the world feeding program has stored food outside Iraq, a sufficient amount for 2 million people for a period of two months. The central office in Rome prepares for the biggest humanitarian operation in society. According to the UN-high commissioner, the key to alleviation of the bad situation of the refugees is to keep the borders open towards the neighbouring countries of Iraq. The UNHCR-speaker Peter Kessler believes that refugees may get protection and temporary help that way.

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