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Why a War on Iraq is justifiable

by Andreas Bevier, Simone Frietsch and Manuel Muehl, class 12a, students of Comprehensive School Kandel, Germany.

War as the last possibility of politics

There are many things to do before a war has to begin. But when those things donīt work, because of the resistance of the government of one dictatorial country, a war is inevitable. The reasons for such a war can be made clear by the example of Iraq. It is not a war against Iraq and its people, it is against the government, especially against the dictator Saddam Hussein.

Weapons of mass destruction

Not only that Saddam Hussein has chemical and biological weapons, he did use them against his enemies in Iran and against minority groups in his own country (1988). This is very dangerous because he has also missiles which are able to reach places in a distance of more than 150 km, which the UN had forbidden him, like the SCUD. For example, they are able to reach Israel and he had used Scuds against Israel and Kuwait in the second Gulf War, but fortunately without chemical and biological agents. Also Saddam Hussein has tried to develop his own nuclear weapons, the labs were destroyed by Israeli and U.S. air force in the past.

Minority Groups and political adversaries

The Iraqi dictator oppresses his people. Therefore he tortures and kills his political adversaries. His police and his militias are said to use similar methods as the GESTAPO in the Second World War in Nazi Germany. They will be arrested and questioned for debunking other enemies of Saddam Hussein.
There are two important minority groups in Iraq (maps), the Shiites in the south and the Kurds in the north of the country. These groups are living in permanent danger of attacks by Saddam. Saddam has tried to clean up these big territories in Iraq from this groups by the use of biologcal and chemical weapons. Therefore the UN established no-fly-zones in the south and the north of Iraq to beware of the attacks by the Iraqi air force.

Egoistical Saddam

In the second Gulf War the USA (1991) bombed down more than 50 palaces. While the Iraqi people continue to live in poverty, Saddam rebuilt his palaces instead of helping. Therefore he paid many millions of Dollars. Not only the developement of new weapons is expensive. The wars against Iran and Kuwait were expensive, too.

Saddam Hussein makes his people addicted to him

For remaining in power Saddam Hussein makes use of propaganda. He anticipates cultivation. So, the Iraqi people does not have access to uncensored news. During their entire life they can only watch the news released by Saddam Hussein. Therefore the Iraqi people donīt know what really happens.


As long as Saddam Hussein is in power in Iraq the sanctions have to continue otherwise Saddam develops new weapons. But the sanctions donīt really hit Saddam Hussein. They hit the Iraqi people. The results for the Iraqis are poverty, starvation and death. For helping them and dump down the sanctions Saddam Hussein has to be eliminated.

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