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Resolution 2011

The following text was developed during and after the Agenda 21 NOW! conference on 24 April 2011 and suggested to be the resolution of the Agenda 21 NOW! conference 2011.

The registered participants adopted the resolution by online voting during five days, ending on 20 May 2011, 12:00 h UTC.

We, the participants of the Agenda 21 NOW! conference 2011 on the subject of Human Diversity, believe that the following points are vitally important:

Dealing with cultural diversity is about getting to know foreign ideas and ways of life, giving us the opportunity to share knowledge and gain deeper insights into other cultures, as well as into our own.

The process of solving political problems benefits from the diversity of political opinions since it enables us to improve our understanding of complex political issues.

Living together peacefully in a world of religious diversity requires tolerance, mutual respect and the desire to learn more about each other.

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