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Resolution 2010

The following text was developed during the Agenda 21 NOW! conference on 28 / 29 April 2010 and suggested to be the resolution of the Agenda 21 NOW! conference 2010.

The registered participants adopted the resolution by online voting during 24 hours on 5 / 6 May 2010.

The participants of the Agenda 21 NOW! conference 2010, taking place on 28 and 29 April, 2010, have decided :

1. The participants demand that global warming is a permanent topic in the media and at school, so that people and especially children gain considerable knowledge about it. This is important to develop a modern and ecologically friendly lifestyle now and in future.

2. We demand that the use of renewable energies is encouraged and supported.

3. The participants demand that nuclear power plants will be replaced by renewable energies as soon as this is technologically possible and affordable.

4. We demand that the consumption of fossil fuels will be reduced.

5. The participants wish to achieve a global appointment on climate protection although being highly sceptical concerning its chances for realisation.

6. Individual climate protection activities need strong support on the political level, nationally and internationally.

7. Global warming happens because individuals contribute to it. The participants demand that everyone changes certain habits in order to make an individual contribution to diminishing the problem of global warming.

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